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We formed Chief Legal Advisors to provide businesses with a progressive and more responsive option for meeting their ongoing legal needs. We offer the same type of practical legal advice and strategic counseling that our clients expect from in-house legal counsel.

From the Outside.

Bringing the Inside...Outside

We engage in a continuous and ongoing relationship with our clients and provide counsel that is never more than a phone call away. By developing a deep understanding of our client’s business and needs, we become an integrated part of our clients' decision-making team, enabling our clients to make confident, smart, proactive decisions, rather than simply being engaged to fix things that go wrong. And our client-tailored structured fee arrangements give our clients control of their budget, without any surprises.

Chief Legal Advisors takes care of your in-house legal needs, so you can focus on what really matters to you: growing your business.

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Our Outside General Counsel program addresses our clients' general counsel needs by providing ACCESS: Availability, Confidence, Control, Experience, Security and Smart Decision Making.

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We offer an innovative defined package of legal services at a pre-determined, structured fee, specifically tailored to our clients' needs.

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With a deep level of expertise representing major corporations and entrepreneurial ventures, both at major law firms and as in-house counsel, our attorneys serve as trusted advisors to our clients.

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We proudly feature artwork from local artists on our website. Visit our gallery page to learn more about the artists and how you can support art in our community.

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