Opportunity Awaits. Step Outside.

Growing businesses don’t always have the need - or the budget - for full-time, in-house legal staff; but that doesn't mean growth companies have any less of a need for effective counsel and prompt service, just like larger corporations. Being competitive means that a growing business must be agile, proactive with respect to its anticipated challenges, and responsive to opportunities at a moment’s notice.

The Chief Legal Advisors outside general counsel program enables a business to streamline its operations, enhance decision-making, and promote timely and effective actions. These services encourage a more nimble business which is responsive to circumstances and issues that may arise and capable of stepping out when new doors of possibility open, leading to opportunities to expand services, strengthen customer relationships, and build greater revenues, profits, and market presence.

We can help our clients advance those goals and objectives by establishing a close legal advisory relationship which addresses our client’s key needs, including:

     ● A streamlined legal response;

      A direct line to legal advice and, when appropriate, increased physical presence of legal advisors;

      Counsel's deeper understanding of the client’s legal and business needs; and
     ● A competitive advantage allowing the client to do business with greater fluidity and insight. 


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