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Our Outside General Counsel program addresses our clients' general counsel needs by providing ACCESS.

We're available when our clients need us, by phone and, where practical, in person. As a result, our clients are empowered to address the legal implications of their strategic and operational goals.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the confidence of counsel that is engaged with and understands their business. By providing knowledgeable counsel when decisions are being made, clients can be more confident in their business decisions, freeing them to act, rather than react.

Outside In-House Counsel gives our client control by enabling them to call on counsel when the need arises. The client enjoys the benefits of experienced in-house counsel without the need to maintain a full-time internal legal resource. The firm can also coordinate its services with the client’s existing staff. It's up to the client. The client is in control.

We offer, directly and through our strong relationships with legal subject-matter experts, decades of major law firm and in-house experience, with a deep knowledge of our client’s specific business and needs gained by becoming familiar with their business.

By becoming an integrated part of our client's C-suite, clients can be secure in the knowledge that counsel will be available to respond to questions and to anticipate potential legal hurdles and provide proactive solutions. By providing a structured menu of services, clients have the ability to budget for legal expenses without fear of surprises.

Smart Decision Making.
By empowering our clients to control their use of counsel without fear of losing control of their budgets and by ensuring that counsel is informed and can be relied upon when needed, our Outside General Counsel Program spells smart decision-making for our clients.

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