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Our Services

Depending on the specific plan and level of services selected, Chief Legal Advisors’ outside general counsel service includes the following:

General Business Review

The key to a general counsel relationship is understanding the client’s business and potential needs. Our representation typically begins with a review and analysis of the business and legal status of the client. This includes a review of our client’s corporate structure and formation documents, records and minute books. We also review the client’s key operating agreements and form contracts (such as purchase orders, confidentiality agreements and employment agreements), as well as policy manuals.

Corporate Maintenance and Governance

Registered Agent Service.

We will serve as the client’s Registered Agent in the State of Florida.

Corporate Governance.

We will provide corporate governance and secretarial functions, including:
   ●  Resolutions and Minutes.
       We will prepare board or management committee and shareholder or member meeting resolutions, consents, and minutes.
   ●  Maintaining Corporate Record Books.
       We will maintain the corporate record books.
   ●  Annual Filings.
       We will assist with annual filing requirements.
   ●  Annual Review.
       We will provide an annual review of the business for reporting purposes.

Hosting Corporate Meetings.

Subject to timing and size, meetings of the Board, Committees and Shareholders may be held at our Winter Park office.

Client Conferences and Meetings

In order to promote identification and counseling with respect to the legal implications of issues that may arise on a day-to-day basis, Chief Legal Advisors provides its program clients with:
   ●  Unlimited Phone Consultation.
   ●  Attendance at Key Client Meetings.
       Program clients have access to telephone conferences on an as-needed basis and regular meetings, on-site or at the firm’s offices, in order to discuss issues that the client may be facing.


Commercial Contracts

We will review requested revisions to standard form contracts (such as purchase orders, licenses and non-disclosure and proprietary information agreements) and assist in the negotiation of one-off agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can assist in the preliminary stages of evaluating potential acquisitions and business transactions, including term sheet review, strategic planning, selection of valuation experts and investment bankers, and management of outside counsel. As a transaction progresses, additional services including drafting and negotiation of transaction documents can be provided for an additional fee.

Managing Outside Counsel

When needs arise outside the scope of our expertise, Chief Legal Advisors will help the client identify and retain outside counsel and provide oversight and manage their services. We can also help review outside counsel invoices in order to ensure that the client is receiving quality and cost-effective legal service.

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